How to participate in Kon Hoeel Marathi Crorepati 3 2016

Kon Hoeel Marathi Crorepati 3Kon Hoeel Marathi Crorepati is back with season 3. This year, witness this life-changing quiz show with Maharashtra’s beloved boy next door and your host Swwapnil Joshi. Not only that, Season 3 gets bigger as the stakes are higher with Rs. 3 CRORE prize money.

Answer the question given below and take a step closer to play this phenomenal game with the one and only Swwapnil Joshi.


The questions will start appearing on the screen on Colors Marathi channel. SMS your answer to 56060 as KHMCOption A/B/C/Dagegender M/F. Alternatively, you can dial
505688201 for Option A,
505688202 for Option B,
505688203 for Option C,
505688204 for Option D
from your phone. You can visit for further information.

The selected lucky winners will be one step closer to come on the sets of this quiz show.

This will be the third season for Marathi Corepati. The first two seasons were broadcasted on ETV (now Colors Marathi) and hosted by Sachin Khedekar. This year Marathi romance king Swwapnil Joshi will be hosting this show and the channel has also planned some other surprises for the audience.

Sources: colorsmarathi


  1. ramesh shankarrao khaire says:

    I am ramesh khaire watching color marathi for KHMC season-3 beacuse the this is a knowledge game and it is life chainging game for us and dream comes true for coman man.
    I watching last two season and waiting to participate to this quiz.
    and now Iam very excited to meet SWWAPNIL JOSHI is my favarite actor.

  2. KAMAL LOLAGE says:

    I KAMAL LOLAGE recd call from you, But after registration my address n details before transferring call for answering the questions my call was disconnect, now what to do ? Moreover same was happened when my Husband also recd call on Friday.We wish to become a part of your program.

  3. Halgunde Vanita punja says:

    Hello sir, I got a call from khmc3 BT call was disconnected plz contact me I m waiting

  4. Santosh j. vichare says:

    Swapnil sir, Santosh J. Vichare please KHMC QUIZ SHOW MADHE EK SANDHI Dya

  5. ajinkya surushe says:

    plz sir give me a big chance in khmc 3

  6. Halgunde Vanita punja says:

    Helloo sir i got a call once again from khmc3 bt call was disconnected before 15 minutes so plz accept my request.

  7. Pradip patil says:

    sir i have got call but few minute later my phone become switch off . caller
    took my age and name so please call me back
    Pradip Patil

  8. kiran kumtekar says:

    I Am selected for KHMC audition.
    On call they told me to come at Beed venue, but I want full address of Beed auditorium..

  9. Sarita Lathi says:

    Sir I received your call on 31st. But within a min it was disconnected. Pls call me back.

  10. Sarika Meshram says:

    Yesterday I received call from KHMC.When I entered my age 38,it got disconnected from your side. Kindly give me one more chance. Thank you.

  11. Shambala Patil says:

    Hello, i got cal from KHMC , but transferrd to IVR and i type my age 32 and cal disconnect, so please cal me . i want to participate in KHMC.

  12. Pandurang Mane says:

    Dear Organizers,

    I have been selected for Audition which will be held on 5th August 2016. Request to share the address & time so as to be there on time. Also confirm the documents required on the day.

    Thanks in advance

  13. Gautam Khillare says:

    mi 7 question che write ans dile.maza bsnl no la network nasate tumcha call ala hota but network navat plz call kra

  14. Adwiti Rupesh Tivarekar says:

    What you want documents for audition

  15. AShvini yajgar says:

    Next rounla select kelyabaddal colors marathi che khup khup aabhar

  16. Manisha.j.patil says:

    Hi I am manisha patil,i selected the 2nd round.but audition round call is I got missed call so please call me back.

  17. Ravindra Kalidas Shirsath says:

    2nd round selection list

    • dnyaneshwar shedage says:

      hi swapnil sir i m dnyaneshwar wathcing your show khmc and i want to participate in the shwo i want to now what is the process them . mala pan maza sukhacha shubharambh karaicha ahe

  18. satish ramchandra dasore says:

    Swapnil sir, Satish R.Dasore please KHMC QUIZ Show MADHE EK SANDHI Dya


  19. Kajal Kamble says:

    Dear Organizers ,
    30july la mla tumchakadun call aala hota. mala audition la select kele ahe tyasathi colors marathi la thanyavad..mi sarv detail detail dili ahe sarv bolne zale . pn 2august la tumcha kadun punha call aala hota pn mi busy aslyamule call receive nahi karu shakle ani nantr punha call aalela nahi…. so please call back or reply…. plzzzz

  20. swapnali says:

    sir u called me autditon but before entering details the call diconnected.plz call agail.we want to participate.

  21. Ganesh b madane says:

    1august ,2016 at 5:36 pm i got a call khmc me select 2nd round & transfer call to IVR me to type my age 28 & confirmed press 1 & call disconnected so plz call me

  22. Ranjana Sanjay Nikam says:

    When your call line disconnected for whatever reason your team would have been called again as we have qualified and got apportunity with do much of efforts with so many entries. And if call again and give this complete opportunity to your participant it’s my humble request to give this opportunity to your regular viewer and qualified participants to answer all 3 questions to qualify audition round.

  23. Ranjana Sanjay Nikam says:

    I got coll from KHMC for audition and after replying all the my personal I. e. name address, but at the time of answering their question the line got cut. And I have seen in your website many of participants who got selected after completing first round . When your call line disconnected for whatever reason your team would have been called again as we have qualified and got apportunity with do much of efforts with so many entries. And if call again and give this complete opportunity to your participant it’s my humble request to give this opportunity to your regular viewer and qualified participants to answer all 3 questions to qualify audition round.

  24. Pooja patil says:

    I have got call for audition..
    But i told to dat volunteer dat have to talk with my parents nd den ill confirmed the audition date n place…nd den ill let u know..
    But from thereafter i didn’t receive call from khmc.. Ive succefully cleared previous 2 level..
    Ive been waiting for address nd ma date of audition
    -pooja patil
    Ameya park
    Boisar tal-palghar

  25. Rahul chougule says:

    Please send me audition dates and place I am selected for ratangiri audition on 19 august

  26. meenakshi sammalwar says:

    2nd round sathi call kiva webside vr tr list dya

  27. pramod ambhore says:

    sir me 7 qs che uttare dili pls mala call kara thanks

  28. kalpana rajput says:

    sir please send date and time of nashik
    audition of khmc i have qualified for that audition.i dont know excat time about it mo-9766385357

  29. Ashwini Tekale says:

    Sir.I am Seema Sinde mala KHMC madhun audition sathi phone aala hota pan phone disconnect zala. mala participate honayachi khup echha please please call mi my mo number.I am waiting for your call.please give mi once chance.

  30. Ravindra k. Shirsath says:

    sir majhe nav Ravindra Shirsath mala 1 auguest la KHMC kadun phon alela audition sathi . but audition sathi kuthe yave te kalavale nahi? date lavkar kalava.

  31. kundansing p bayas says:

    one chance please

  32. Ashwini Tekale says:

    Hello sir.I am Seema Shinde my mo nu-9446451504.I got a call from KHMC-3 But call was disconnected. so please call me.I am waiting for your please please give mi once chance.

  33. Naresh says:

    I received call from your side for audition and given complete details to you but call was disconnected suddenly, and still waiting for call/audition. please revert awaiting!!!!!!!!!!!!

  34. Supriya chavan says:

    Sir mi supriya chavan mala ekda call aala 1Aug la auditionsathi phone yeil ase sangitle parantu call aala nahi mi vaat pahtiye khup plz call me

  35. Supriya chavan says:

    Plz mala participate honyach karan sarvansarkhach aahe pan thod vegal aahe mala ghar nahi maze Aai vadil vegle rahtat mi aaikde aste mazya aaisathi mala participate vaychy plz call kara

  36. Bhagyashri Atul Sonawane says:

    sir please send date and time of nashik
    audition of khmc i have qualified for that audition.i dont know excat time about it

  37. Suresh Shankar chabuksar says:

    Sir I have gives the correct answers of 7/7 questions but I have not received your call till yet please reply

  38. Sushama says:

    Hi sir I got a call from khmc selected for beed auditions on 14 the august .can u plz give me the beed audition address…

  39. meenakshi sammalwar says:

    next list kewa lagnar sir ami audition chi vat bagat ahot ki call yeil manun pan but next round sahi call nahi aalay aamala

  40. meenakshi sammalwar says:

    audition address sathi msg send kiya call kra plz

  41. Sushama says:

    Sir I have got a call from khmc and selected for beed auditions on 14th august..can u plz provide me the beed auditions venue or detail address…

  42. Yogesh walanj says:

    Sir I have got a call from KHMC and selected for need auditions on 16 august can plz provide me the need auditions Venus or detail address at nandgoan post rehkuri tel karjat dist a nagar

  43. Yogita sonawane says:

    Yogesh sir tumhala kadhi call aala hota

  44. ramchandra havaldar says:

    sir khmc 3 saathi audition cha cl ala hota pan disconnect jhala please one chance me

  45. Santosh says:

    When starts final round to participate khmc fastest finger round

  46. Rohini C. Shinde says:

    Dear Sir,
    Me Rohini Shinde mala khmc 3 madhun call aala hota. me khmc 3 madhe audition sathi select zali asun 19 August la RATNAGIRI madhe Audition la bolavle aahe. yetana me maze document aani photos gheun yein. parantu mala call aala tevha me maza partner cha name Nitin Ram Shinde sangitala hota, pan kahi kamanimitta tyala yeta yenar nahi. me mazya partner change kela tar chalel ka?
    Please Sir me tumchya Reply chi vaat baghte

  47. Abasaheb Lalzare says:

    Chhaya Abasaheb Lalzare selected for Ratnagiri audition ..thanks for jodi
    Round …I am from panvel… far….do you give…nearest….audition venue….plz…plz…reply……

  48. Chhaya Abasaheb Lalzare says:

    Is any chance to replace audition place….from Ratnahiri….to…Near Panvel……select for jodi round Ratbagiri….so far from panvel…plz reply

  49. Chhaya Abasaheb Lalzare says:

    Thanks all team of KHMC 3 ready for Ratnagiri audition…….little is my 5 yr daughter should allowed with us….we arrange in next rounnd

  50. Savita Shelake says:

    Sir I have selected for Ratnagiri auidition please send venu address details

  51. Ashwini Mahadik says:

    Mi aste Bangalore la pn mi address dila Maharashtra cha pls ek chance dya .5 round waiting for ur replay .mobile wr contact kra

  52. Savita Shelake says:

    I think you were playing with people’s feeling. If call that I have slected then its your duty to give details of address venu. When I ask for address to calling person the call was disconncted. It is wrong process. Why are you selecting people to play with their feelings ?

  53. nilesh says:

    konala audition nantar call aala aahe ka………………………

  54. Suryakant Mohite says:

    Sir,me pune audition dile ahe,me next round sathi select zalo ki nahi tevdhe sanga please….

  55. rohit says:

    Fff round sathi cal aala ka kunala

  56. Poonam Sagar kore says:

    Respected sir I have been attended khmc’s audition at ratnagiri on 19th Aug n I am waiting for your call for your next round i.e. fff round. Please convey your regards. I am waiting…

  57. Deepali P. Jadhav says:

    Kay kalat nahi rao…………tyanni call karayla surwat keli aasel ka…….aani jyanna final selection sathi call aalay ……te kiti lucky aahet na…

  58. rameshwar limbaji asabe says:

    mi khmc 3 srav answers barober dili ahet tari pun malla phone alla nahi mi kay karu

  59. rohit says:

    Kunala cal aala asel tar kalwa plz ugach hopes var kit I divas thambaych

  60. Deepali P. Jadhav says:

    Arre koni reply deta ka reply…………..

  61. T A Shinde says:

    There were 2500 jodi selected for audition. Based on video recording n the answer sheets they will select for FFF round. It seems team is busy conduction audition in whole Auguat month.
    After that, Considering time required to screen 2500 videos n to check 2500 answer sheets it way take 2-3 weeks more.

  62. Deepali P. Jadhav says:

    Can you tell,how many answer should correct?

  63. smita s jangam says:

    mi ratnagiri yethe audition 19 august la dili ahe konala call ala asel tar kalava

  64. jadhav a . b. says:

    mi a b jadhav jalna . mazi 14.08.16 la beed yethe odition zali ahe mala call kadhi yeil?

  65. rohit says:

    Cal aala ka kunala fff sathi

  66. Ruksana pirani says:

    kunala call ala asel tar lavkar kalava mi khup wat pahat ahe

  67. Dipak N.chavan says:

    Please call me

  68. parigha game from pune says:

    Cal aala ka kunala fff sathi

  69. sachin salunkhe umbraj says:

    Jya jya Bhagyashali Bhavana aani Bahinina FFF sathi call aale aahet….tyana majhya kadun hardik shubhechya…………………..

  70. sachin salunkhe umbraj says:

    Ratnagiri Yethe jhalelya audition nanatar konala call aale aahet ka……………Fakt Akola audition nantar cal aalele mala mahit aahet…………….Plz

  71. rajshree kamble says:

    maji agdi mana pasunchi icha ahe ki mala kon hoeel marati carorpati madhe yaych ahe but line close ahet pleseeeee l request you

  72. Ruksana pirani says:

    Akola made kunala call ala amala kalawa please amhi call chi khup wat pahat ahe solapur audition nantar kunala call ala asel tar mala kalwa

  73. smita s jangam says:

    ratnagirichya audition nantar konala call ala asel tar plese call mi my contact no. 9637721964

  74. rohit says:

    Solapuar audition cal aala ka kunala

  75. chhaya says:

    Sarvat adhi mumbai audition zhale hote , mi hi audition dile hote but ajunahi call alela nahi , please sanga ki jyanni mumbai audition dile tyapaiki konala call ala ahe ka , kiva sadharan kadhi paryant call yevu shakato??
    konitari sanga

    • rohit says:

      Tumche kiti questions barobar aalele audition madhe

      • chhaya says:

        7 uttar barobar ahet , pan selection purnapane prashnanchi uttare barobar dili ki nahi yavar nasun video audition la suddha mahatva ahe.

        jar tase nasate tar tyanni audition la alelya pratyekache video audition ka ghetle asate , mag fakt jyanni jast uttar barobar dili tyanchech shoot ghetle asate na

  76. Ruksana pirani says:

    T M shinde sir kunala fff sathi call ala asel tar amla kalwa me khup aturtene wat pahat ahe

  77. Akshay patil says:

    Mumbai audition dilelyapaiki konala call ala asel tar mala call karun sang…i am also waiting.

  78. Swati tayshete says:

    When I will get a call that I have been selected

  79. Ruksana pirani says:

    kuni ek tari vyakti niwad jaleli Google comment kara please

  80. Ruksana pirani says:

    please khmc Tim website var fff round mdhe niwad jalelya vyaktichi list jari kara manje amchi tagmag taro thambel.

  81. Santosh says:

    From 3 Rd October khmc3 start

  82. Ruksana pirani says:

    please khmc Tim list Kari kara niwad jalelya memberchi

  83. T A Shinde says:

    I think they will call people in batch of 10 Jodi’s. As they have mentioned in there terms and conditions, that E for very week 10 Jodis will be entertained to participate. So keep your fingers crossed and wait till they call. Best luck!!!

  84. sachin salunkhe umbraJ. says:


  85. rohit says:

    Kal 3 Oct ashi starting date aaliye yanch kaich kalat nahi selection zalel on sang at nait ka

  86. Deepali P. Jadhav says:

    3 october pasun chalu hotey serial…..yacha meaning selection chi process sampli ka

  87. kalpana rajput says:

    nashik audition che kunla cl alet ka kiva kdiparyt yenar kai mahit asel tr kalva plz

  88. Ruksana pirani says:

    please sir fff sathi mala call kara maji khmc mdhe khelnyachi khup ichha ahe

  89. chhaya says:

    Ata Saglyanni Alert Raha , Mobile nehmi charged theva , Proper Range madhe theva , prepare raha , call kadhihi yevu shakato , shivay pudhachi tayari kara ki KHMC madhe swatahala kase present karal yachi

    Mi Suddha Vat Pahatey ani Ashawadi Ahe , Mala Call Alyavar nkki kaleven

    Thank you

    All the best to all

  90. Ruksana pirani says:

    Mala estate fff round sathi niwad jalelya members na call Jake astil itke late kadhihi call kelelamala mahit nahi

  91. Abasaheb Lalzare says:

    Ratnagiri auditioned …konala call….aalet…ka ??????? colors Marathi….FFF che declared ka karit nahi……so waiting & so irritation…..

  92. Abasaheb Lalzare says:

    What is criteria of selection …plz ..color Marathi…declare on website

  93. chhaya says:

    Ajun konala hi call ala nahi he kasa shakya ahe ? arre konala tari call ala asel na tyani ithe post kara pls. reply , show suru wyala fakt 12 diwas shillak ahet

  94. Ruksana pirani says:

    please colours Marathi fff sathi niwad jalelya memberchi list jari kara please

  95. Rahul Patil says:

    sir i have got call but few minute later my phone become switch off . caller
    took my age and name so please call me back

  96. Deepali P. Jadhav says:

    I think …..selection chi process hide thewat aasnat

  97. Yogesh walanj says:

    Yogesh walanj sir aamaha aankhi call aala nahi

  98. Ruksana pirani says:

    Rahul patil tumala kontya number war call ala the sanga khmc number is only 02241286800 ahe

  99. jayesh patil says:

    hello sir plz give me opportunity to participate in our big show ..i have no money for your question answering .but i want money for my change my life.plz sir reply me

  100. Santosh says:

    Congratulations to all seleceted jodi

  101. parigha game from pune says:

    they cant replay anyone. but who are selected for FFF they cant see webside so..Be Happy

  102. Kajal Kamble says:

    Dear Organisations Colors Marathi,
    I have attended Solapur audition. I am waiting your call for FFF round.. so please please please call me .

  103. swapnil m deshbhrata says:

    I m swapnil m talented, n i had too much see_saws in my. Life i gone too through too much extrem conditoion in my life…. rite from poorty to too much luxury… even u can too begger life n tooooo rich life.,. i gone through life journey which was. Too extream its not. I m exagerating actually happens….

  104. Ruksana pirani says:

    congratulation all selected jodi and bestof luckall of you

  105. rohit says:

    He khare nasnar so plz pause vagaire bharu nka

  106. parigha game from pune says:

    its totaly fack. dont do this.

  107. Poonam Sagar kore says:

    Respected sir! I am waiting for your call for fff round. Please call me to confirm either I have been selected or rejected? Plz reply me. I am waiting…

  108. Deepali P. Jadhav says:

    Mazya frd la call

  109. rohit says:

    Kadhi aalela cal tumchya friend LA plz reply selecting procedure kashi aahe

  110. Pravin sanap says:

    Khmc mala vacate fake aahe karan mi Pan audition dile aahe pudhe kahich kalvat nahi…… selected or rejected…100% jhol aahe transparent nahiye process….fakt olkhiche lok bolvitat

  111. Sangita says:

    KHMC wale process madhe kahi tari ghol karat aahe…Pune la mi audition dilli aahe …pan mala mi select/reject mahit nahi…..kiti divas vast baghnaar….jhol aahe mitrano …aashewar rahu naka

  112. rohit says:

    Cal kadhi aalela.aapanhopes thevaychya ka

  113. vijay patil says:

    please mala 1chance bhetla pahije mi
    question cha answer dil hote pn mala kahi reply alela nahi

  114. vijay patil says:

    please call me

  115. Deepali P. Jadhav says:

    28 la …….hoy..aata pratyekala assa wattta ki aapla selection zal pahije …..pan tyanna je proper watel ….tech karnar na karan full episodes chi responsibility tynchyaver aaste….selection kartana te aapla as well as program cha wichar kartat….so tumhala jar tumchya audition ver full confidence aasel….ter nakkki honar ….be positive….nd to be continue with study

  116. Ruksana pirani says:

    kiti divsapayant call yevu shakto he taro kuni amala sangelka? please

  117. Yogita says:

    Friends ,plz.tell me..exact audition process….u all given audition…

  118. Ruksana pirani says:

    sangita you are right me 2 audition dilele she parantu ataparyant fff round sathi call alela nahi that fake

  119. rohit says:

    Don’t loose hopes mazya friend LA cal aalay kal tyan solapur audition dileli_10questions Che and barobar note tyache ani audition pn changli zaleli

  120. Ruksana pirani says:

    They are call their relative and friends no person any one that is true tar sanga kiti divas hopes var basaycha

  121. Ruksana pirani says:

    Every they call and vichartat Rajesh she kaà? same khmc sarkhach number ahe mala 3 vela call alela ahe tar mag he fek nahitar kay

  122. Dnyaneshwar avhad says:

    Arey faltu aahe KHMC , fakt relatives la bolavitat aani aaplya lokana audition la bolavitat..mala tari vatate transparent process nahi aahe

  123. Santosh sanap says:

    Aaplya paiki konala hi call aala asel tar plz kalva ekade

  124. Ruksana pirani says:

    Amha garib lokancya bhavnasi khelun tyana Kay milnar mahit nahi show chya pahilya divsi bank manager LA sandhi ani Ami kiti tagmag karit ahot tar ek call sudha nahi that is very wrong ani ya jodya kontya gavchya the sudha sangitale nahi that is fek fek fek

  125. hitesh haridas mahajan says:

    how to pariciapate in kon hoeel marathi crorepati ,registration of date of 2nd round 2016 autition
    plz reply me

  126. Sneha says:

    I feel this show is all made up and everything is planned like every other show..u will never in your life get a response from these guys unless u r incredibly lucky. Stop making people crave for things like this I am sure that’s how ur business runs . This is more like buying a lottery ticket everyday like a looser

  127. prashant labade says:

    I am farmar i want one chance for khmc plz this munch

  128. Ruksana pirani says:

    Mahajan ata sarv sample ani show la suruvat sudha jaleli ahe aatapayant jhopet hota ki kay?

  129. Kirti patait says:

    I want to participate in khich 2016

  130. satish jogdand says:

    i am a farmar pleeas call khmc

  131. Santosh says:

    So atta hope theun kay upyog hoil ase vatat nahi

  132. Abhishek jagdale says:

    Mala khelaych hot khmc tumchbarobar so please call me

  133. Ruksana pirani says:

    ata sarv sample please try next time sarv fek aahe khmc

  134. Santosh says:

    Fakt Mumbai che lok ghetat rao, even ghar baslya kamva che winner Suddha thane yethil aahet.
    How it’s possible

  135. Ganesh Jagtap. says:

    Khmc ha programme fakt mumbai purtach maryadit asel tr amhi kashala ugachach try krtoy. ….asel ahmednagar baddal prem tr dya na raw ek chance amhalahi…..!!!

  136. Dilip patil says:

    Sir mala tumchyabarobar khmc madhe khelayache aahe .jalgaonkarasathi call please. Mi utsuk aahe sir khelanyasathi.mi tumchya phonchi vast bhaghtoy sir.

  137. Mahesh waghchaure says:

    One chance please

  138. Sameer kale says:

    jhol aahe mitrano….fake aahe…fakt colors Marathi chya staff la bolavitat….je audition la aale tyana fakt aashevar thevat aahet…..khup fake aahe ha show….aani jhol pan aahe

  139. PriyankaAhire says:

    Sir mala maze swapn purn karnyasathi 1 Sandi havi Ahe plz and mi swapnil siranchi khup fan a

  140. namrata gangurde says:

    KHMC chi selection procedure ksi ahe plss sangal ka. .?

  141. Vikas Patil says:

    May i know selection process of KHMC Please send me the details.

  142. Snehal sanjay SHEVDE says:

    Mi mulath Karnatakachi but husband Ratnagirich ahe. So mhala bhagayal geyachi ahe plz call me

  143. Snehal sanjay SHEVDE says:

    Mi mulath Karnatakachi but husband Ratnagirich ahe. So mhala bhag geyachi ahe plz call me.and mhala SMS milale ki we will u cl back mhanun so. Mi waat pahte ahe

  144. amit bhatane says:

    Plz tell me how to participate in KHMC

  145. Dhondiram Yashwant Shivankar says:

    I request to you I have wish a participate in Kon hoeel marathi crorepati 3 please give me a one chance in KHMC3.

  146. jakir shaha says:

    Khmc I have wish a participet ***** be positive?

  147. Tukaram says:

    I wish to participate in KHMC 3 Swapnil sir if I am selected.Tukaram

  148. Sameer Sansare says:

    Plz tell me how to participate in KHMC

  149. vishal vilas shende says:

    I am coming

  150. sham bhimashankar deshetti says:

    i wish to participate in khmc3.
    swapnil joshi sir,plz give me a chance to participate in kon hoil marathi crorepati programme.plz.plz.plz.



  152. sagar shinde says:

    One chance please

  153. Ganesh S. Pote says:

    Swapnil sir namaskar me Ganesh pote from pune sir mala aplya barobar khmc ha game khelnyachi khup khup khup khup divasa pasun icchya ahe sir plz mi aplya call chi wat pahtoy me colors marathi & khmc 3 teemcha abhari ahe sir plz plz plz plz call me lawakar

  154. ajay Vijay shirdhankar says:

    hello swapnil sir me ajay shirdhankar mala tumcha show khup khup awadato ani mala ekda ya manchvar yaycha ahe …..ani swapnacha shubharab karayach ahe….sooooo plz mala ek chance dya plzzzzz plzzzzz sir …… u sir

  155. Bandu Bhanudas Tangal says:

    when will start next round of auditions for khmc please reply.

  156. Nitin sopan kale says:

    Hello mr swapnil I m Nitin kale. I am very interested to play with you KHMC Quiz .

  157. says:

    Hi swapnil sir mi damodar adayke. Tu khup chan ashes

  158. ARCHANA SAKHARE says:

    Hell Sir/Madam,
    Please display selected participants List. I have given Audition at Solapur on 16th August. I am waiting for Call to Participate in show.

    Plz. Plz. Plz.

  159. sudhir aher says:

    Me sudhir aher mala ek sandhi dya
    Jai Maharashtra



  161. Siddharth kapure says:

    I am waiting for khmc-4 when Will be that audition
    Please. ….

  162. Vaishali chipade says:

    Hi I am Vaishu, please give me one chance to improve myself once meet me to swapnil Joshi please please please


    I am Santosh Patil please once chance game best actor Swapnil joshi

  164. laxman lahamage says:

    Hi sir I am participate in golden game khmc 3.

  165. Vinayak chougule says:

    Sir KHMC-3 madhe jar participate karayach asel tar kay prosidure asel please sanga na….

  166. Suhas Oulkar says:

    I want play the game KHMC. Please tell hw to participate.

  167. Hemlata hasnale says:

    Plz sir training for mi in

  168. Hemlata hasnale says:

    Plz sir training for mi in sir mala nashib chamkvnarya khudchivar basvnyachai
    Sandhi milavi plz.

  169. Balu Sartape says:

    Dear Sir, I have a participate KHMC show

  170. sagar gawali says:

    sir plz declare kara ki next audition dates keva ahet….I need to play sir

  171. Machhindranath Nago Deore says:

    Hi,Swapnil sir,I am Machhindranath Deore from village Kalmadu request to you wish a participate in Khmc3 sir this my like show ,please sir give me a one chance in our Khmc3 show

  172. Dattatray Arjun Garud says:

    Sir I want to participet in kon hoil Marathi Carodpati season3 please suggest me how to to participet

  173. Mahendra says:

    Kay process ahe hot site milvnya sathi,

  174. Santosh v. Jadhav says:

    sir majha number kadhi yeil KHMC madheye yenyasathi
    mi tumchya phone chi vat pahtoy

  175. Mangesh P. Babre says:

    Dear Dada,
    Ek sandhi mila tar manapasun anand hoil

  176. Vijay Shirbhate says:

    Dear Swapnil Sir ,
    I want to play this. Can you tell me how to participate .

    Thank you.

  177. vaishali says:

    i would always like to be a part of challanging game so what is your procedure for participate pls inform.

  178. sachin says:

    i am 12th fail . but play kbc3 pls one chance pls……..

  179. Ramesh Tankar says:

    sir pl sanga next audition kadhi ahe.

  180. Yogesh khemnar says:

    Sir Audition date sanga plzz

  181. sachin mohite says:

    I want to participate in khmc, how to participate.

  182. Manoj sankhe says:

    Hi I am willing to participate for full 3 crores
    and I do admit
    I can answer every question.
    I will be first crorepati of Marathi

  183. Bhujbal Mayur Rajaram says:

    Hi swapnil sir me Mayur Bhujbal please mla 1 sandi dya

  184. Sandeep Pate says:

    audition date sanga plg khup jan wat baghtayet

  185. Dilip Farkade says:

    Plz audition date tell me swapnil sir

  186. suresh sadashiv marathe says:

    I want to participate in KHMC 2016


  187. sunil desai says:

    this show is game changing for me and my life

  188. Sandeep Arun Pote. says:

    I want to participate in your show kaun Hormel marathi crorepati.i give answers your contest gharbaslya and my family all we are very big fan of this show and swapnil joshi sir also.i am very eager to participate in this family members,my student,my friends always tell me about participate in this contest.swapnil sir it is my mother’s wish is i sit in hot sit in front you and give the answers of your questions.i always trying and will try always to fulfil my mother’s wish.because she is my god and it is not right i can’t fulfil my mother’s wish. You are the only person can help me to fulfil my mother’s wish. Thanks.

  189. sanjay Deshmukh says:

    swapnil joshi sir,plz give me a chance to participate in kon hoil marathi crorepati programme.

  190. Vinayak Ingle says:

    Hi sir participate kse krayche sir

  191. akash patil says:

    Ashvini Kiran patil
    Sir plz ya khela made particepat honya sathi mala Kay karave lagel .
    Plz give me a Chance

  192. Shital g rane says:

    Hi sir plz I want to participate in this show how? Plz mala khup garj ahe

  193. Bhujbal Mayur Rajaram says:

    Hii Sir mla participants kra khup grj ahe

  194. Gopal kasat says:


    This is Gopal kasat if second round of registration will occur then please send information regarding date and timings Please on

  195. Pooja Shivanand shelar says:

    I want to participate in khmk

  196. Pooja Shivanand shelar says:

    I want to participate in khmc

  197. chetak anil waghmare says:

    sir, mi chetak anil waghmare mala yayach ahe…..

  198. Pravin khairnar says:

    Hi swapnil sir many times I am giving right answer but I am not going to lucky winner. So please give one chance to participate in kaun hoil marathi carropati

  199. Devkant renke says:

    Hi swapnil sir please mala nitant garaj ahe ek chance day pls

  200. Priya vinayak Hegde says:

    I would like to participate in khmc so pls tell me how to participate in khmc

  201. akshay parab says:

    i need to participate in KHMC. plz tel me how to participate

  202. Ramesh Uddhav Malvade says:

    I would like to participate in khmc so pls tell me how to participate in khmc

  203. Rajesh suresh kamtalwar says:

    I want to participate in KHMC-3



  205. pooja prakash patil says:

    I want to participate in kon hoil marathi karodpati
    Plz give me big chance

  206. Deepali says:

    Season 3 finished… Who is the winner?

  207. Abhilasha dhamdhere says:

    When is the season 4 n what we need to do for audition plz do help

  208. Dilip namdev Kunte says:

    Khmc started in 2017

  209. Vinod khanke says:

    I am selected from kon banega crorpathi 2017

  210. Nicole Schmuhl says:

    Amazing article, thank you so much

  211. Ravindra gondhali says:

    I am intrested to khmc participate.plese

  212. Rahima Khan says:

    I am very interested khmc tv show l I like marathi tv show please 1 chance sir

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